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09/19/2016 11:27am


09/19/2016 8:19pm

One very important factor would be our unique tastes. The type of cigar we smoke is one way we may choose to express our tastes, and subsequently define an aspect of our personality. Smoking is not good for health. We should avoid smoking.

02/27/2017 5:01pm

Art has a different form, even making cigar is an art. You really have a talent in making these cigars. I can feel the passion in it. I hope I can go to one of your events and I want to watch you do a tutorial. I hope you can post here the procedures too. It is really interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

04/12/2017 4:25am

I prefer a Cuban cigar of course. They are the best quality product on the market.

06/16/2017 11:07am

nice blog


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