Cigars by Lupe provides experience cigar rollers for all kind of events! Will add a unique touch to your event by providing an authentic cigar roller who will demonstrate the art of hand rolled cigars


06/06/2016 2:50am

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07/18/2016 2:33am

I remember my late nights at med school, writing research papers due the next day. I would have to light some cigars. But there was something about such moments that helped me to stay late and do the things that I must do. I felt that it helped me finished college. My parents were very proud because I graduated with honors; the product of all my hardwork.


Cigarettes in general are probably one of the things that don't interest me so much. It's just I don't really get the sense of existence of such kind of things that could actually kill a person. Plus the fact that almost everyone consumes a huge amount of cigarettes on a daily basis. I know that we all aware of the aftermath of being a smoker for a very long time, right? Perhaps, they just ignore all of that because of their addiction from cigarettes. I don't mean to offend anyone out there. This is just my honest opinion on this kind of issue right here.

this is interesting, I didn't know you can set up in any events.
At least I can see for myself how to make cigar rollers. Actually, not just look at it, I can experience it too.
I will definitely refer you to my dad's friends, they are into cigars. They can also refer you to their colleagues.
I can't wait to try to make one!

08/07/2016 3:35pm

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10/31/2016 7:53am

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04/12/2017 4:27am

I think this is a luxury at some point. I can roll a cigar by myself.


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06/16/2017 11:07am

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